Thursday, September 24, 2009

NBR Banned from giving suppressed details of Urewera Terror Raids

What is being hidden?

"The National Business Review is banned from giving details of an explosive suppressed judgment in the Urewera firearms saga – some of which are on the internet and in email circulation."

Nice - 'explosive' good word to use reporter. And isn't it interesting to see that this is now called the 'Urewera firearms saga' - takes all the heat out of it doesn't it?

"In a lengthy judgment given on September 8, which she suppressed and almost immediately recalled because of a factual error, Justice Winkelmann made important findings about the validity of search warrants."

I haven't seen the surpressed information but it would seem that perhaps the search warrants were not up to scratch - and that would make the whole episode a farce from start to finish. This is not finished.

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