Wednesday, September 23, 2009

micro-generation of power for communities - the way forward

This is good. We need more micro-generation, more renewable options and more community involvement and ownership and less macro-generation of power.

"The Blueskin Bay community north of Dunedin is well on the way to owning and managing its own renewable source of power generation.

The next 12 months will be crucial for the community's wind-turbine project, as recently confirmed funding from the Hikurangi Foundation means local people have a year to "get moving" on their dream.

The funding means Scott Willis, who co-ordinates the Waitati Energy Project (WEP), can work full-time over the next 12 months on "key ingredients" of a site, legal documents and funding.

Mr Willis said there was no template for community-owned power generation in New Zealand, although it had been achieved overseas.

"We don't have the legislation, policy or cultural habit to follow. But we believe in the idea that if we don't do something, no-one else will," he said.

Well done for leading the way. More and more smaller communities will work towards these objectives of sustainability, renewability and community owned and supported generation thus creating self-sufficiency.

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