Wednesday, September 23, 2009

$100M milk plant for Waimate - do you think they have the water sewn up?

This is something to keep an eye on. I am not opposed to milk factories per se but i do wonder about the cost/benefit analysis that this company has done which gives them the confidence that they will not only get all the milk they want but also find and deliver to the markets they want to sell in.

"Oceania Milk has filed its resource consent applications with Environment Canterbury and the Waimate District Council to build and operate a $100 million milk plant, about 4km north of Glenavy in Cooneys Rd."

"Oceania wants the new milk plant in operation for the 2011-12 season, producing skim and whole milk powder. It hopes to have resource consents approved by the end of this year."

Plans for the plant were announced earlier this year by Oceania, which has Dr Turner, former chief executive of Meridian Energy Ltd, and former Reserve Bank governor and National Party leader Don Brash as its directors.

Oceania has opened an office in Waimate to provide information about the project and resource consents, offering people the opportunity to discuss their concerns. The office is open one or two days a week.

So the ex CEO of meridian and brash are involved... oh dear I am a bit more concerned now. They wouldn't be doing this unless they think they have the water and all the other bits sorted. Have they got it sorted? Have deals been done?

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