Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Karawhiua Kai Tahu!

Yes it's true, Ngai Tahu Shareholders, Busted Blonde and me, as BB nicely puts it "are looking to jointly report on the election process. We all hold different views. However, we all agree that there is huge interest among Ngai Tahu shareholders for more information about this watershed year. So combined we will keep you abreast of what is happening. We will offer you our very different opinions on events and we want you to add yours."

All of us are coming from a position of aroha. No one would bother blogging if they didn't care, but we also want interaction, comments and responses. As BB says we all come from different angles and i am sure that between the 3 of us we can get everyone revved up - and we really do need to get revved up.

BB has an
interesting post about how to turn assets into liabilities... and the photo is the Ngai Tahu Annual Report 2008.


Anonymous said...

BB is always keen to criticise. the sale of Pacific Catch and the current seafod strategy was initiated by one Wally Stone. the store in wellington is the nearly the last thing to be sold along these lines. most were under the radar as ntsg got into and then out of processing and retail over the past 4-5 years.

the real question is whether those "assets" were always a liability or not. certainly they were not a huge financial success. who knows whether this was because for some years nthc had no seafood expertise on an nthc board who tried to do everything themselves and no fishing expertise in senior management either

the average return on seafood assets has been uninspiring for years now - wally took some kudos for a short term improvment (based on favorable fx trading more than anything else) but overall the returns have been poor

interstingly BB has not noted that the new nthc board has already appointed a seafood board with real industry experience - her nt sources know this but that could be seen as positive news so lets not put that out there

Marty Mars said...

Kia ora anon

Do you think Ngai Tahu should be in retail, re fish and fisheries?

From my reading it appears that the disappointment expressed is because that 'dream' is over.

For me, I am not sure if this sale is a good thing or bad thing but it certainly has happened now.

Push that Ngai Tahu good/positive/inspiring news to me and I'll post it up, all day - every day.

Anonymous said...

Elections - I remember when they were the hot topic.

The moratorium was lifted in September 2008. 12 months later we have had only one Papatipu Runanga complete the process. We had folks taking pot shots and saying change must happen and so on and yet some of the runanga can't even get enough people interested in being on an appointment committee to force a vote.

I think the clamor for change was a lot of hot air.

Re whether Ngai Tahu should be in retail and processing is an interesting question - if you have over $180 mill in fisheries assets most of which the tribe did not pay for one would think we could make more than $6-12 mill pa. But I don't know that owning retail shops and processing plants is the answer. I heard the reason they were sold is that they were bleeding money. The question is was that bad management of a good thing or a bad governance decision to get involved in the first place?

It has to be one or the other but I don't expect anyone to own up.

Marty Mars said...

yes anon those were the days...

all very quiet... almost as though it never happened...

elections to me are a way for people to have someone represent their views at the highest table... our elections won't do that IMO.

Will you have a voice?

Do you want a voice?

i also have heard about the bleeding money side... who knows? We appear to have a disconnect in terms of accountability... and when you add in the lack of voice of ordinary Ngai Tahu members, and the tribal nature of many of our internal interactions... well it is very thought-provoking that's for sure.

I'm looking forward to posting BB's and Richards views on the elections.

Anonymous said...

Good news to hear that a forum will continue to korero on the way one sees Ngai Tahu activities panning out. It is very interesting given the fervour of the days during that time - I really hope it is not complacency or apathy after the huge input back in March April of this year. Why had is quietened I wonder?