Tuesday, September 29, 2009

crafar dairy farms - hell on earth

These people are the very worse example of farmers - they starve and mistreat their animals and they pollute the water and the environment. Why the hell are they allowed to get loans, buy more farms and abuse more animals and rivers - why? money of course.

"A member of the Crafar dairy farming family says he is "shocked and horrified" that starving calves on a farm owned by the family had to be euthanised. "

I've posted about this family here

"Mr Crafar said he was "really upset" that around 100 calves had to be euthanised.

"I certainly don't condone that. I run round half the night after cows, I live and die for cows, that's what I do. I'd rather hit some humans on the head than I would a calf and there we had to go and slaughter calves and it really pains me."

What a bunch of bullshit - you would live and die for money - you don't give a fuck about the cows.

"The MAF spokeswoman said an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident was ongoing.

Dairy industry body DairyNZ said today farmers had no excuse for ill-treating animals , and poor management practices were not acceptable.

Chief executive Tim Mackie said the group was waiting on the outcome of the MAF investigation but "would not stand in support of any farmer found to have breached animal welfare standards".

"It's bad for the animals, farmers, the industry, and for our country's image."

The Crafar family announced recently it was selling the 22 dairy and dry stock farms the company owns in the central North Island after the latest in a string of prosecutions for resource consent infringements over a number of years, mostly for breaching effluent discharge rules. "

It's about time MAF and the Dairy industry stood up and stopped this abuse... somehow I don't have much confidence that they will - no money in stopping it.

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Anonymous said...

Im agreed that the owner of the horror farm is lying, it stands out from his pathetic words and fake expression of not-guilty, suggested by his lawyers, of course. So much money involved.
Im really shocket that innocent animals like calves have to die like that, after they have been taken away from the mothers , an other heart breaking!
When money dictates the roules and unscrupolous people run a farm, its like a concentration camp. Im vegetarian, but even for who cant stay without the taste of blood to survive, isnt good. Hormons of sufference are in the meat. There calves they are going to become pet-food, an other chane of negative vibres keeps spreading around all of us.
It shpould be stickt control and different regulation, based or animal rights but with a highest standard than now. Based on humble respect for life in all sorts, as divine gift. One day the story will turn around surely, toward cruel insensitive people and the other who supported that for money.
Where is the evolution of the human concsiousness doing barbarian deeds among the meat industry?