Thursday, September 17, 2009

we plant cows while in europe they dump milk

So while we set up more and more dairy farms - over in europe the dairy farmers are dumping milk because of the low price they get for it. Does anyone else see the irony here?

"Belgian farmers sprayed 3 million litres of fresh milk onto their fields yesterday, furious over the low milk prices they say are bankrupting farmers.

Milk farmers' groups said world prices had sunk so much they are having to sell milk at half their production costs, leaving more and more farmers unable to pay their bills."

"To highlight their desperation, about 300 tractors dragged milk containers through plowed fields in southern Belgium, dumping a day's worth of milk production in that region.

"It is a scandal to dump this, but we have to realize what the situation is," said Belgian farm leader Erwin Schoepges. "We need a farm revolt."

The crisis has driven many EU farmers into a "milk strike," with thousands refusing to deliver milk to the industrial dairy conglomerates that produce anything from skimmed milk to processed cheese."

We do need a farm revolt because the farming we are developing here is revolting.

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