Friday, September 18, 2009

Lost value must be compensated

This needs watching

"The Government still has no deal with Maori on Treaty settlement forests affected by the Emissions Trading Scheme, despite being only two working days out from introducing an amended ETS Bill, next Tuesday.

The Maori Party is declining to comment on the progress of its negotiations on the economically sensitive issue of revaluing and compensating Ngai Tahu and possibly other iwi for lost value as a result of the ETS changes to the treatment of forestry.

Ngai Tahu gained forests in a settlement in 1998 for so-called "pre-1989" forests. These were valued against their much greater economic potential if converted to dairying. Ngai Tahu are therefore first in line for compensation under the political deal stitched together earlier this week."

Let's keep the forests and get correct compensation for Ngai Tahu and other Iwi. Why should maori take the loss of value when so much has already been lost.

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