Monday, September 28, 2009

Swizerland to decide plant's (and i don't mean green growy plants) future

So, holcim are going to have a real think about the feasibility of the plant they want to build.

"Holcim has received resource consent approval from the Environment Court, but still has several steps to go through before its makes a decision on whether to build the plant.

Several months' work was still to be completed on the detailed costings, feasibility study and business case for the project, factoring in the conditions accepted by the Environment Court.

The conditions cover areas such as air emissions, water management, noise emissions, landscaping and planting, hours of operations, and traffic management.

"Having reviewed the 100-page court decision, we feel the conditions are reasonable and workable and are based on the effects that technical experts say could result from the construction and operation of the proposed plant."

"This was a very significant business decision and one which needed to be made in a careful and responsible manner.

That included final approval from Holcim (New Zealand) parent company's board of directors in Switzerland.

That decision could be influenced by factors such as how the Weston options compared with other international investment opportunities, availability of capital, satisfaction with the information supplied by Holcim New Zealand, and New Zealand Government policies (particularly the emissions trading scheme review outcomes). "

I still struggle with the idea that the final decision about whether to go ahead with this plant is being made in Swizerland. We are the tail and they are the dog, when really, it should be the other way around.

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