Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kokako - coming back

Great news about the Kokako. I have never heard one in the wild but their call is so beautiful.

"The haunting notes of a New Zealand songbird that almost became extinct are once again being heard in Auckland’s Waitakere ranges.

Kokakos disappeared from the ranges sixty years ago, but today two of the birds were released into the bush and more will be introduced over the next two years.

DOC had brought the two birds from the forests of the central North Island, and the people of those forests were there to welcome them.

“Today the ranges have come alive again, to the melody and the swift movement and flight of the kokako, that will bless the Waitakeres for the next thousand years,” said Eru Thompson."

Only 750 pairs of kokakos remain in the North Island, but DOC aims to have around a thousand breeding pairs established by the year 2020."

Well done and thanks to all who participated.

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