Wednesday, September 30, 2009

big protest against mining and water laws in Equador

Indigenous people around the world are fighting for their rights, including the right to not have natural resources destroyed just for money.

In Equador, for instance:

"Hundreds of Indians blocked Ecuador's Pan American highway in several provinces Monday with rocks, tree trunks and burning tires to protest new water, mining and oil laws."

Can you imagine the same thing happening here? We have riots and protests and springbok tours - will people build barricades for our water? Will they to protect against mining?

"Their leaders suspended the protest late Monday, saying the government had promised to talk about their objections.

The Indians contend the proposed the laws threaten their lands and will privatize water resources. Leftist President Rafael Correa disputes that view, and the ruling party-controlled legislature has been expected to approve the laws."

governments promise and do the opposite, here there and everywhere.

"The leading Indian group, the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador, split with Correa in 2008 when he refused to grant Indians the right to veto concessions to exploit natural resources on their lands under a constitution approved last year.

Monday's protests on the main national highway paled in comparison to protests that ousted Ecuadorean presidents in 2000 and 2005."

When are we going to say NO. That is it! - no more! Whenever we do, then the barricades will go up here too. And the fight will be about water and mining and destruction of our environment. And the rights of indigenous people to control their own destiny.

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