Thursday, May 21, 2009

Record fine for scum serial polluter

A record fine for this scum businessman who dumped waste into the manawatu river is a very good thing. Although i would name and shame this person even more - bring back the public stocks for this offense.

"A businessman who deliberately dumped waste into the Manawatu River has been hit with what is believed to be a record fine more than $180,000.

The penalty is thought to be the biggest handed down under the Resource Management."

Who is he?

Kenneth Thurston

His company?

Tawera Land Co Ltd

"The maximum available penalty was a $200,000 fine or two years' imprisonment."

"At his trial in February, Thurston, who defended himself, offered to drink the waste water to prove he was not polluting the environment, but the offer was declined."

Why not let him drink the waste water?

"Kenneth Thurston was found guilty on five charges of discharging milky-white wastewater with a "distinctive meaty smell" from Mainland Meats, at Longburn, into the Manawatu River in 2006.

He was also convicted on three charges of discharging effluent from a dairy shed on to land in 2007 and 2008.

The offending was described as calculated, cynical and deliberate, motivated by the costs Thurston was facing to lawfully dispose of the waste."

"Horizons senior investigator Greg Bevin said the judge recognised Thurston had attempted to mislead council staff, who found evidence of substantial fatty orange residues at a drain edge and on plants.

"In my experience this would definitely be the worst example of a business owner's breach of the Resource Management Act in our region and is certainly at the top of the environmental offending scale.""

He even tried to poison the army!

"Last year the army launched an investigation into whether soldiers were exposed to cancer-causing asbestos after a training exercise near a dilapidated building on Thurston's Longburn property.

The building should have been demolished by council order nine months before the army exercises."

So this guy is a serial polluter, who doesn't give a stuff about people, the environment, this land... kenneth thurston - you are low.

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