Saturday, May 2, 2009

Poison everything idiots

I'm against the use of this toxic gas.

"Toxic gas is again being used at Port Marlborough to fumigate logs.
The operation began yesterday afternoon, and has upset residents and environmentalists.
Three tonnes of methyl bromide was being used to fumigate 18,500 tonnes of logs in the hold of a log carrier, as well as 7500 logs sitting at the port under tarpaulins, the Marlborough Express reported.
The gas would be released in a controlled way tonight, Port Marlborough manager of port operations, Carmen Gimpl said.
It would take around eight hours to vent the gas."

"Port Marlborough and log export firm Zindia were putting their businesses ahead of community safety, a spokesman for the environmental group said."

Have to agree with them especially when you consider some of the facts around this terrible compound, and that is not even going into the Port Nelson motor neurone disease rate suspected to be caused by methyl bromide.

From the MOE
"Methyl bromide kills all pests, from microbes to insects and weeds. It is also extremely toxic to humans... It is a significant ozone depleting substance and its use is controlled under the Ozone Layer Protection Regulations. Importing of methyl bromide for non-quarantine and pre-shipment use is being phased out by 2005."

and Biosecurity NZ
"Methyl bromide was recognised as an ozone-depleting substance under the Montreal Protocol and control measures for the chemical were included in 1992. The control measures required developed countries (including New Zealand) to phase out the production and consumption of methyl bromide by 1 January 2005 and 1 January 2015 for developing countries."

Why are we the test-bed for these chemicals that are being phased out and banned overseas?

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