Friday, May 1, 2009

Protect the environment and it will protect you

I agree with these sentiments from Fish and Game.

"A "full rethink of land use" in Otago is needed following the news that a quarter of the region's dairy farms did not comply with their consents this season, Otago Fish and Game operations manager Ian Hadland says."

"Solving the water quality problems in the region would require a balance of good planning measures and solid compliance from a motivated regional council, he said.
"It's clear that the compliance approach isn't hitting home, so it really only leaves land-use controls to manage direct and non-point source pollution."
It needed more than a change in behaviour; it required "a full rethink about land use"."

"Proponents of intensified agriculture could be in no doubt that the New Zealand public would not tolerate ongoing degradation of their freshwater resources, he said.
Federated Farmers Otago dairy chairman David Wilson said in his view, people had to be realistic, as there needed to be balance between the need to protect the environment and the ability of New Zealand to be profitable.
"Dairy and farming is such a large percentage of New Zealand's income, that at this time careful balance and realistic views need to be put forward.""

Oh yes we do need a balance between profit and the environment. I believe that if we don't protect the environment then we won't make any profit tomorrow, or next year, or in 20 years.

Stop polluting our rivers and streams.


Peter Sundstrom said...

The image of the Nevis Valley that I took has been used without authorisation or attribution.

Marty Mars said...

I do apologise Peter.