Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ecobob - good website

Ecobob is a great website for searching for eco-products and companies.

"Behind Ecobob is a team of people who are passionate about encouraging sustainable living."

"One of the most-visited areas of is the searchable list of eco houses in New Zealand. People can browse the eco houses by category, such as solar power, rainwater collection, environmentally friendly insulation and non-toxic paints.

The aim of Ecobob is to foster an online community of people sharing ideas on eco living. The chat forum is regularly used and people can either share their thoughts or ask for help on a particular eco-issue. People often email us about eco-events and new eco friendly products which we can profile on the website.

I think with the recession biting, Kiwis are becoming much more conscious of how they spend their money. The great thing about living in an eco-conscious way is that if done right, people can save money and improve their quality of life.

We hope to play a part in that through the online community on and the listings on Perhaps we'll see a move towards buying quality stuff that really enhances our quality of life."

It is an interesting paradox that the more we focus on eco-ness the more money we save.

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