Sunday, May 17, 2009

Great 2009 Reader Survey on Ngai tahu website

It's great that Ngai Tahu are doing a survey on the magazines, Te Karaka and Te Panui Runaka. It's also good that they have sent out the survey via the latest TPK and also added the information and survey onto the Ngau Tahu website. Good thinking!

I hope they get a lot of response and that it offers some guidance. My preference is for both of the publications to have on-line versions. These would not be exactly the same as the paper versions but would instead be created for the medium that they will in. For instance the ability to comment on articles or download photos, upload videos and so on. They would compliment the paper versions. Because the nature of the net is up-to-the-minute information, the online versions will need to take that into consideration. Perhaps with a 'news' section or something along those lines. It could also provide maori, or indigenous news as well as Ngai Tahu news. OTRONT could provide articles as part of their normal reporting proceedure. Each of the paptipu runaka could add content too.

Any ideas that can improve the communication and flow of information between Ngai Tahu whanui gets a big tick from me.

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