Friday, May 29, 2009

We don't back down to racists here roseanne hawarden

Reading the maps is one of my favorite blogs at the moment and there is quite a flare-up occuring over this:

"On Tuesday I discussed Rosanne Hawarden, the South African immigrant to New Zealand who has been campaigning against the reburial of ancient bones on Malborough's Wairau Bar. Hawarden believes that members of the Rangitane iwi, whose rohe includes Wairau Bar, have been conspiring with academics and museum curators to hide the fact that many of the bones being reburied belonged to a non-Polynesian people."

I linked through to the site the other day here.

Roseanne has been dis-ing Keri Hulme, yes that's our keri in the comments section. She also doesn't want her photo used... sorry Roseanne I don't listen to racist fools!

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