Saturday, May 30, 2009

Te Panui Runaka - it just keeps being great!

Another excellent edition of Te Panui Runaka for Matahi-a-te-tau (May). [sorry about the non-macrons, please just add them in where they need to be]

My favorite bits were the korero from our Kaiwhakahaere. It was great to hear about all of the mahi being done at the highest levels. The role is a balance between looking inward and looking outward and I think that Mark Solomon is doing really well. But we must always be looking to the future for the next generation so that the good work can continue and be built on.

I also really enjoyed hearing from Oraka Aparima Runaka about Ta Tipene O'Regan's korero about our histories and knowledge. I would love to have these and other wanaka from our kaumatua, filmed and put up on the blog, or the TRONT website, so that others can learn as well. Imagine the treasure trove of knowledge that would build up. It would become an online library with password access if necessary. Even a copy of the korero would be good.

Te Ngai Tuahuriri Runanga has more nominations for their appointment committee than places so the candidates were all there with a short bio about them and what they hoped to achieve. This is brilliant. Wouldn't it be great to get all of the candidates in each runaka to do the same. It would increase our knowledge and connection. I wish all candidates well.

News that at easter the 20th anniversary of Mau Taiaha was celebrated by, Te Tohu o Tu, ki Te Waipounamu, at Te Whare o Awhitu, Taumutu was awesome. 180 warriors attended the wananga celebrations and it sounds like it was a massive success. I would love to have video of that on a website somewhere too. The photo montage was inspiring.

So kia ora to the team that continues to deliver an amazing amount of information, every month, for the benefit of Ngai Tahu whanui.

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