Monday, May 18, 2009

Sorry Mohammed, you're too brown!

"Award-winning author Mohammed Hanif has accused New Zealand immigration officials of racism after he was detained for three hours on the way to receive his Commonwealth Writers first book prize."

Many may look at this story and say that this is rubbish it is not racism because the hunt is still on for terrorists and they just happen to be swarthy brown types, so it makes sense to check those people out even more than others.

The sad fact is that it is racism. All brown people are not terrorists. Differenciating people based upon the colour of their skin is racist and also dumb. Just think, if you were a terrorist and you knew the profile of terrorists that the governments were looking for, it would make sense to look the oppostite of the profile, wouldn't it? So, by having a set profile you actually increase the likelihood of an attack not lessen it. That is all based upon the supposition that someone is trying to commit a terrorist attack, which i don't believe.

"He believed he was singled out by authorities because he was "brown" and when asked if he considered the delay was due to racism, said "yes".
Searching his luggage was pointless, he said. "They're not going to find terrorists by going through their underwear."

Officials did not seem to listen when he told them he was in New Zealand for Auckland's Readers and Writers Festival, he said."

Sorry Mohammed they don't care about your achievements or what a good father you might be - they just care that you are brown... and therefore a threat.

The irony is that this country is BROWN not WHITE. And the sooner we get back to that reality the better we will be, as a country, as people and as a nation.

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