Monday, May 18, 2009

pork industry board torture pigs for profit

Pigs are very sensitive creatures. They deserve dignity and to be treated with respect. Holding them in these cages is cruel and torture for them. Our insensitivity towards animals contributes to the causes of the breakdown of our society. As our general insensitivity rises, or our sensitivity decreases, we become more callous and ultimately desensitised, to initially the animals cries of pain and suffering, but eventually to other humans cries of pain and suffering.

So we watch the news and see a woman crying in the middle east because her family has been blown up and it barely touches us.

"Comedian Mike King, who used to front a campaign promoting pork products, says the "callous and evil" practice of crate farming pigs should be outlawed immediately."

"The pigs were unable to move and obviously in distress, chewing at the cage bars and frothing, King said.

There was one dead pig in the sties and Mr King described the pigs as being "despairing, terrified and lost".

It was "callous, evil" treatment of pigs and the sound of "screaming" pigs he would never forget.

"It was like they were screaming for you to help them.

"If I had known this was going on I would never have supported this. I firmly believe that anyone who sees this would say this has to stop.""

"However, the Pork Industry Board said intensive farming was the only way it could remain competitive and changing from crates and stalls would cost millions of dollars.

They were the best way to prevent indoor pigs them from injuring each other.
The board said less than half the country's pigs, about 20,000, were kept in such ways and by 2015 the proposal was they would spend half their time out of the crates."

So it is all about the money or profit again. If it was me I'd put the pork industry board into cages... and leave them there.


"Green Party animal welfare spokesperson Sue Kedgley criticised Mr Carter's apparent lack of knowledge regarding pig farms after being shown the footage on the Sunday programme.
"Mr Carter looked shocked and said he had no idea sow stalls were widely used in New Zealand," Ms Kedgley said.

"I am incredulous that the minister, who has been chair of Parliament's agriculture select committee for three years, would not know sow crates are used widely by New Zealand pig industry.

Meanwhile, in light of last night's Sunday programme, the New Zealand Pork Industry Board has postponed this year's Bacon of the Year awards. The board said it supported the Minister's investigation and believed it was inappropriate to proceed until the issue was resolved."

Ummmm yes quite a good idea to hold off that award - now get back in your cages!

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