Thursday, May 7, 2009

Te Wai Pounamu iwi and Hauraki iwi all work together

I like this comment, in relation to the payment of 97M in redress over marine farming, from Ngai Tahu Kaiwhakahaere Mark Solomon:

"Chairman Mark Solomon described the deal as a unique moment in inter-iwi co-operation.
"It's the first time in my time involved with iwi that all the tribes of the South Island have come together alongside the Hauraki tribes and have reached a settlement" Solomon said.
"I'm really proud of the achievement we've made together.""

It is a good sign that Te Wai Pounamu iwi are working together. This is a pretty small amount of compensation for there being "no coastal space available for marine farming, a cash settlement was the only means of redress."

I am not of the camp where "all marine farms are good and we should just set them up all over the place." But i do think maori should have not only a say but the big say regarding this area.

"The $97m was agreed last October after complex negotiations. It represents the financial equivalent of 20 per cent of developed aquaculture space, over which iwi were granted a right by the Aquaculture Claims Settlement Act in 2004. They retain a right to a 20 per cent share of any future space allocations.

The 2004 act followed a Waitangi Tribunal finding that Maori aquaculture interests formed part of a "bundle of rights" and should be recognised."

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