Friday, May 29, 2009

What are you hiding vodafone?

Brighton beach... i know it well. (Side issue - what is the maori name for this beach and why don't we use that name - there are thousands of beaches around the world called brighton - another colonisation hangup.)
It seems that there is a bit of fuss about this new cellphone tower and the non-notification of Brighton residents.

Vodafone applies to build 30m communications tower on council-owned land near Brighton.

• The tower, near an existing Telecom facility, aims to improve mobile coverage and meet growing customer demand.

• Dunedin City Council staff opt for limited notification, meaning most Brighton homeowners not consulted.

• Submitters at yesterday's hearing argue for full public notification of Vodafone's proposal.

• Council hearings committee abandons resource consent hearing; "not satisfied" limited public notification was adequate.

• Vodafone's Brighton resource consent at centre of debate"

"Council planner Jeremy Grey recommended consent be granted with only limited notification for two homeowners living 85m and 160m away, because the tower's impact would be "no more than minor".

That was despite the tower's height breaching a 12m limit for a rural residential zone contained in the council's district plan. "

Amazing - there is a 12m (36ft) limit on height - the proposed tower is 30m (90ft) - that seems like almost a 3-fold increase to me!

Why not notify people about the proposed tower? What are they trying to hide? Come on vodafone this has a look of slyness about it. The tower is too tall, the notification is completely inadequate and your buddies on the council are about to be exposed... how about telling the truth?

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