Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ecan councillor denies conflict of interest - Auditor General's Office investigates

harrow                                   murray

I've posted about these two  ECan councillors before when harrow made this statement and murray backed him,
"Pat Harrow Ecan councillor said the specific mention of tangata whenua values in ECan's regional policy statement, as is required by law, was "discrimination".
That was bad enough and showed how those two should not be there. And now this.
"Environment Canterbury councillor Bronwen Murray denies she misled the council over a perceived conflict of interest.

Mrs Murray is one of four councillors under investigation by the Auditor-General's Office for having potential conflicts of interest in water use.
She, Angus McKay, Pat Harrow and fellow South Canterbury councillor Mark Oldfield met office representatives last week to explain themselves after voting against proposed water management charges in June. All four councillors hold water consents."
Oh dear!

i hope the proposed changes to ECan and water management will give us a much wider representation of the community within the decision making process, instead of having people like harrow and murray there.

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