Wednesday, November 4, 2009

we are in the middle of a phase transition - enjoy the ride!

There is something about phase transitions that i love. This is the place where things change from one state to another state. The place that is neither one or the other - the inbetween place. And in that place - the place between the changes - there is magic.

Of course when we think about it, there are lots of 'middle areas'. The space between matter and energy, the space between words and meaning, between sound and music, words and poetry - anyway you get my drift.

We are continually in a state of change. In fact nothing is static - absolutely nothing.

Just as indigenous cultures have been colonised, so the changes keep coming and the empowerment of those colonised cultures so that they can de-colonise themselves is also occuring. We needn't be worried by this.

All of the debate around maori and foreshores and seabeds is actually within the space that I have described above. We are in a state of phase transition now - it's just happening in slow motion. Interestingly, when the 'state' of matter changes - it changes to something quite different to the original state. Think of water turning from liquid to solid (ice). If you listed the qualities and characteristics of water and ice you would find it hard to see any relationship between the two. They are quite different - yet the same. Our changes will be the same. They will be quite different and also the same.

Belt up - the ride is underway and there is no way of getting off! Yee hah!

Music - much of the music that i enjoy is between the lines. This band for instance is right on the edge. The reid brothers are geniuses. The guitar slips from the melody into a noise and back again. That guitar attracts and repels. That is the space i love and revel in.

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