Sunday, November 8, 2009

cup of tea time for BB

Good post over at Roarprawn. i'm pleased that BB has decided to stop the personal attacks. They have been serving no-one. Lets stop all of the personal attack bullshit from everyone.
"So until the Hui A Tau which is being held at Oraka Aparima Colac Bay Riverton, on the weekend of the 20-22nd of November is over, we wont mock, prod, slap, dig, cajole, criticise or praise anything or anyone in relation to the elections."
And yes Hui a Tau is very important so that kanohi ki te kanohi can occur. We are one tribe with 43,000 registered members and as i have said many times our kin connections are more important than our differences.


Anonymous said...

Kia ora Marty

Agree its good that BB has decided to have a cuppa. She has helped Jon, Wally and Tahu enough for now while stifling questions in the other direction. So slings and barbs at Mark, Tim Rochford and the majority of the good Representatives are gone and praise for the chancers stops. Seems fair.

Also agree that it is the Hui-a-tau and other forums, preferable not web-based where we need to have this tribal korero. Trouble is, Wally, Tahu etc have been relying on this cloak of silence and one hui-a-tau a year where if we don't get the questions asked and answered is not enough.

When the vote was taken to remove Wally, and only Wally from NTHC the "proper press release answer" was that "we were taking a new direction". And when Andrew followed soon after with a fair share of the tribal profit for a year (at a guess or why would it not be in the annual report) we all "knew" that the winds of accountability were catching up on some.

But still we are reading between the lines.

As for what Wally and Tahu and their mates want - it is revenge - pure and simple. They are not secret about it. They backed those who wanted to remove Mark (who knows why?) and having failed when they were in positions of significant power they now come back "to serve the people". YEAH RIGHT!!!!

They also want to take out the CEO and his top staff. More chaos and for what? Since Anake was appointed there has been a steady progression to order and transparency after the years of neglect with Tahu at the helm and NTHC under both Wally and his predecessors disrespecting TRONT.

So there are lots of elements of BB post I get, like put aside family stuff etc - but it applies to all. I liked earlier comments on getting back to our people more. IMHO TRONT needs to 'get over itself'. If we had less TRONT meetings we could have more meetings with the folks. TRONT reps often seen themselves as entitled to a hell of a lot more than MPs do and want paid fees to do what our people and kaumatua do for nothing on a daily basis.

So don't stop taking the critique just yet. Wait till we can force the appropriate tribal forum to get honesty and openness. Or, now I think of it, we did do that. Mark did offer to go to the tribe and tell all. And the rabble were a no show and it all died down.

Anonymous said...

Anon - As posted on the Roar Prawn site - Have to wait for it to be moderated……

I am annoyed that BB decided to moderate and not print my comment on her site but moved to justify her actions by her New Heading not long after and she calls it “Back to Tikanga” talk about her own spin.

Anon 7th Nov - "Roar Prawn, Busted Blonde whatever - so comment is moderated by you then why do you persist to takahia! oh yes because it's your site and it is your prerogative to advance your korero and allow the persecution of an individual you don't like and so you run rampant on your blog. What is it that you are moderating? What can be much worse than what you say.”

BB - “We have come under fire for moderating the debate on various posts - it’s simply because both the supporters of Mark Solomon and his detractors have indulged in some personal mdslinging the likes of which we have never, ever seen before on any issue we have ever run on this blog.”

Anon - I believe it is a justification not to print what people say about her or those she supports.

BB - It is now the turn of the people, face to face, to sort these issues through.

“Anon 7th Nov - It is the rangatiratanga of each runanga and if there are tensions they must be allowed to work through them, without the added pressure and stirring the dust by people such as you. Allow them to do that without using your site to advocate the downfall of someone.”
Like it was all BB’s idea! There are probably others that have been moderated by her and made print because they were scathing about Tahu, Wally et al and they did not serve BB’s intention to takahia on Mark.

BB could have taken a more tuturu view like Marty and still extracted the same level of input from both sides. In my opinion she has no credibility, no mana in terms of the interests of the iwi, BB used her blog to advance the kaupapa of Wally et al.

BB - “We reckon that we have done a good job of stoking the fires of a very important issue for Ngai Tahu rank and file.”

Sorry you have not only exposed and inflamed our internal issues with little regard to our business responsibilities you have also given the racists good over dinner fodder “These Maori’s are ripping and killing one another off” and as far as the rank and file are concerned - whakawhanaugatanga takes care of that within our own ranks

BB – “We have run our own successful little business without a drop of financial support from anyone,”

So have many other Ngai Tahu. We are not all poor things that can’t survive without the benefits from Ngai Tahu or the Government BUT some of us have a very big commitment to mana of Ngai Tahutanga and its values.

Talk about whakaiti, by one who is so kuare she doesn’t realise it.

Heoi ano. nga mihi kia koutou.

Anonymous said...

Kia ora Marty

I wonder why it is that BB is in retreat for a while? Jon, Wally and Tahu obviously have plans for how to managage the triumphant return of the those lost souls to the fold to go alongside the exciting new blood we hear is on its way.

They would not have been enjoying the scrutiny of their "elections". To say Wally was appointed "unopposed" when other candidats were denied interviews by Nuk is a farce as was the Otakou process.

If these guys were so good they would not have had to resort to such subterfuge.

I want to know why they really want to be on the table? For utu I suspect and thatis not a reason to be going there. Both Tahu and Wally had their chance in positions of real power. Wally as effective managing director of NTHC for long enough and Tahu as CEO.

They don't have the credibility to be seen as leaders in my view.

Anon 2 is right - BB does the hit and run thing all one sided. While I don't like to see any iwi business aired on line we do need a forum to express our concerns and our opinions.

One thing I would like to see more discussion on is how to bring tribal decisions and issues back to the people.

I know TRONT need to meet and do trustee type decisions for the day to day stuff. But we need a more regular forum to ask questions, to proposed solutions etc

On postal voting we had lots of activities and road shows which would have been good if they had been there to listen and to to have a pre-determined outcome.

How many of our people even know what the TRONT Act and Charter says we should expect from TRONT let alone what might we want to change about it?

What is the role of the runanga and what are their responsibilities to the whanau?

Anonymous said...

Excellent, excellent points here in particular, the one about needing more regular forums for discussions. Is it possible for someone to get that ball rolling at the Hui a Tau, but please make sure you give some clear direction as to the methodology and outcome (reporting to the iwi members). Thank you.
I am unable to travel to the Hui-A Tau this year as I have other business commitments and because in previous years I had become disillusioned. It was like it was the same old people standing up and pushing their own agenda and you could just see the veil come over the eyes of everyone because no-one within the Gov & Corp area were willing to take the bull by the horns and give an answer such as "we have taken a note of what you have said and we will prepare a document to go out in the next Te Panui Runanka with the answers, after we have considered where the kaupapa fits in with the current Strategic, Policy or Operational areas." It could be that easy to start with and it provides an open communication for iwi members. In my humble opinion it would raise the level of iwi debate. Last year Mark seemed to be the only one who would answer back and argue the point which I found invigorating, it was just Mark. Few got what Anake was trying to put across, it was wrongly pitched and in my opinion it is because he needs to find his own self in terms of the tribe and just be "him" he has a great brain, (don't try to play the political game, that is not the responsibility of the CEO) and I believe he does play the political game - just look at where he has supported certain families into Hereford street and what he has done to others. Wally, well Wally mmmmm I am at a loss I want to believe that Wally, Rakihia, Te Maire, Nuk and Tahu et al would put their energies into building tribal capacity but their track records for behind the scenes play, firstly for money to set themselves up before the play for pure power and commit utu (kill them off)to anyone who doesn't support their supreme cause to get to the table on the kaupapa "that we know best because we are the ultimate businessmen" maybe ... but more like "financially secure, ethically bankrupt".
Noho ora mai

PS I forgot to add my "Ngakau" to my Anon 2 re BB