Wednesday, November 25, 2009

fighting for Aorangi School

no more fun when the school s closed

The fight to stop this school closing will be a tough one i think. tolley seems well out of her depth but she is quite stubborn so getting a change after she has announced the decision to the media, will be a challenge - even if the prime minister used to go there. Shame.
"Christchurch's Aorangi School is taking its fight for survival to the High Court, after a decision to close it was confirmed yesterday.
"It's not over yet, not by a long shot," Aorangi School board of trustees chairman Greg Thompson said last night.
Tolley's decision was met with disbelief, anger and tears yesterday.
The school has 27 staff, including teachers, administrators and teacher aides, now facing unemployment.
Aorangi School principal Stephanie Thompson said the decision defied logic.
"It's always been about what is appropriate for the children. I do not see how this decision is in the best interests of the community and the children."
She said the decision sent a clear message that the National-led Government did not believe a low socio-economic, multicultural part of Christchurch was as important as other groups.
"We've just got to hope that natural justice will occur and that democracy will win over bureaucracy.
"Since when does bureaucracy get to rule over what the people say?
"I didn't think we lived in that society."
I sorry, but that is exactly the society we live in and we need to change. If the people keep getting trod on they will, at some point, say enough is enough and then key and tolley will see the results in the polls - because that seems to be the only way they will listen.

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