Thursday, November 26, 2009

random thoughts

Some thoughts on this very hot sunny morning here in whakatu
The maori party have set their course. And their course is the focus on the Foreshore and Seabed repeal and it is a worthy target. But getting into bed with the gnats gives you many bites. Many little bites can drive you crazy
labour are not the friends of maori any more than the nats are. goff will play the race card more and more and NACT will drop the maori party as soon as they can
maori members of parliment from other parties should drop their heads in shame, especially those who smile while the maori party suffers
Do maori have the numbers to build a maori-left party? Hone hasn't got the skill or ability to lead a maori-left party. Where are the other voices, where are the other leaders? Waiting for the bodies to cool before they pop up out of the bushes?
Divide and divide again - that is how you ensure a people have no power. Pay off some, alienate others, reward those underdeserving to create dissent, say different things to different people and pretend you didn't, give token power and then undermine it, find enemies and use them and we are seeing all the tricks being used and the losers are maori
the myth of the iwi groups holding all the money is perpetuated by non-maori to divide maori more and more
You can try to change the system from within or from without. Playing by westminster rules is not working, we need more action on the street, we need more engagement from all maori, we need some hope.
We know that there are seasons and cycles and flow. We have to be unattached to the ups and downs and keep focused on the goals.

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