Monday, November 2, 2009

bigbill the benefit-bludger-buster

I saw a bit of bill on Q & A - he looked shifty to me.
"The Government is poised to implement a key election pledge requiring parents on the domestic purposes benefit to find work or training once their youngest child turns six.

Sickness and invalid beneficiaries are also in the Government's sights, with plans to make it tougher to sign up and stay on either benefit indefinitely."

The proposals are expected to be considered by the Cabinet before Christmas

Mr English said the invalid group was being looked at.

"Effectively we have 80,000 people where officially the welfare system has said they won't work again. We think that's a waste of those people and of their potential so we want to look at how to encourage more people off those longer term benefits."
Bill - why are these people unable to work? The system itself has put them in that catagory - why attack them? Saving money? - Don't think so - you could save heaps more by catching some the big dodgers.

"Because we promised." doesn't wash either.

You are a blamer. You blame the less well off for their position, the invalid for their suffering, the jobless for being 'lazy'. In one breath you argue about the economic tsumani and in the next, the victims get a serve.

"Let's incentivise you to get off the dole. "

It's called a job - bill.

Good link here with will and goNZo Freakpower Brains Trust blog

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