Monday, November 9, 2009

goff has a go at hone

phil goff has a go at hone

"Labour leader Phil Goff says if one of his MPs made the sort of comments, they would be suspended from the party. He says New Zealand is a country where there is one standard for all and Mr Harawira's breach of that standard has appalled all New Zealanders including Maori. Mr Goff says he cannot recall another situation where an MP has made deeply offensive statements towards another ethnic group in the community."

ho hum - phil who?

One standard for all phil? - then how come maori are in the bottom of so many statistics - how come you legislated against maori via the foreshore and seabed act. What happened to closing the gaps?

many maori aren't appalled by what he said - it's not news to anyone with a brain. But generally it is not starkly stated in the way that hone stated it - but don't think it isn't true goff.

perhaps phil you should concentrate on trying to get on Q & A instead of helen.

but at least you didn't get jones to deliver your lines.

This is for both phil and hone.

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Anonymous said...

wow. feisty.