Saturday, November 7, 2009

discovery of moa bones handled well

I like this story for a number of reasons.
"Road workers have uncovered what could be the bones of a family of moa while building a highway near Taupo. 
They immediately stopped work, moved to protect the site and called archaeologists, iwi and the council."
Now that is good work. Thank you road workers for stopping and contacting the necessary people including iwi. That is exactly what should happen.
"Taupo Mayor Rick Cooper said initial investigations indicated the bones were between 2000 and 3000 years old.
Once the bones were identified, they would be returned to Taupo, where the council, iwi and archaeologists would discuss what would happen to them.
"For me personally, I would like to see these remains brought back to Taupo where they can be protected as cherished artefacts for the people of Taupo," Cooper said."
Once again excellent. Discuss the options and include iwi. And use the discovery of the taonga to build stronger community - to bring people together. Well done and thank you for giving us a good example of how we can anything to build community.

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