Friday, November 20, 2009

They begin the journey home

They are coming home.
"Swedish museum officials yesterday handed over the skeletal remains of five Maori to a New Zealand delegation as part of a broader move in Europe to repatriate bodies taken from foreign burial grounds."
The ceremony was held at the Natural History Museum in southwestern Gothenburg, and included songs and prayers."
And these words are very true.
"The human remains in Western museums are mostly the result of colonial relationships and a racist view of the world," museum director Goran Blomberg said."
"We now aim to work actively for the repatriation of human remains younger than around 200 years to their country of origin."
Thank you.
"Te Herekiekie Herewini of Te Papa thanked the Swedes for their action."
"This is significant for Maori as it is believed that through the ancestors' return to their homeland, the dead and their living descendants will retrieve their dignity, and also close the hurt and misdeeds of the past."
Closing the circle.

Returning our people is very important and I congratulate these museums for their efforts.

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