Sunday, November 8, 2009

haiku and a new widget

I'm trying to improve mars2earth - let me know what you think about the latest post widget - does it help show the commented posts? Colours are a bit off. Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

Perhaps a haiku for sunday - i put this one into frogblog as a haiku about global warming.

is it winter yet?
i see the sea has risen
my breath does not show
Feel free to post your own haiku.


Anonymous said...


Marty Mars said...

don't worry anon i'm not judging you - we all have our challenges - check out wikipedia if you are not sure how to write one

feddabonn said...

well i like the widget, AND the haiku.

Marty Mars said...

apparently there is a mars haiku competition or something like that and anon was searching and found me...