Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Our past being revealed - and it is wonderful

Our history is being revealed bit by bit - and it is wonderful.
"A treasure trove of artefacts recovered from Papanui Inlet on Otago Peninsula may lead to the area becoming a site of national significance."
"The find has prompted Otakou runanga to call for the site to be nationally recognised."
Yes protect this area and do it quick.
"Runanga manager Hoani Langsbury said a meeting would be held next month between the various stakeholders, including the New Zealand Historic Places Trust and the Department of Conservation, to discuss the area's future.
"We don't want to keep people away from the area, just increase the amount of monitoring we do."
To deter treasure-hunters, the exact location of the find is being kept secret.
The funny thing is that there are thousands of these types of sites and discoveries waiting to be revealed - but we won't see or find them if we are mining everywhere - will we gerry.
"Fossicking is deemed illegal under the Historic Places Act 1993."
I didn't know that but if anything is ever found - contact the local iwi. I know of taonga being revealed, and bones being found by people - they went straight to the iwi. How many adze are being held by farmers and fossickers in their houses, without anyone knowing? Thousands at least.
"The find highlighted the significance of the area for Maori, who can be traced in the area back to the 14th century."
The area had been frequented by Ngai Tahu and Kati Mamoe, and bones were still found, although whether it could have been a burial site was unclear, Mr Langsbury said.
Don't forget the Waitaha - who form Ngai Tahu whanui - we are only here because of our whakapapa to those lines. And the area has had people there for a lot longer than the 14th centrury - a lot longer - and this is known. Hard to keep that sentence in, on reflection.
"While it was unclear what would happen to the recovered items, they might be offered to Otago Museum or, in the case of items with "national significance", to Te Papa.
That would be a big waste and affront to the mana of the taonga and Ngai Tahu whanui IMO.


Anonymous said...

I went on a rescue excavation in the inlet as an archaeology student (at Otago). We found several adzes, bone pendants, etc. This was in a 3 metre by 3 metre area. A 'rich' find by Aotearoa standards. This was very early 90s but I believe the material was going to Otago Museum after analysis.

Marty Mars said...

kia ora anon

I find archaeology very interesting. hopefully edward will invite me for a dig with him one day :)