Wednesday, November 18, 2009

goff - knee jerk without the knee

I watched goff over the last few days and i agree with met.
"Green Party co-leader Meteria Turei has accused Labour's Phil Goff of playing the race card on changes to the emissions trading scheme.
Mr Goff claims the Government's negotiations to win support from the Maori Party for its plans means race-based legislation is in the offing."
goff has found a rich seam, as many have before him, and he is mining away. The sad aspect is that while he gets the hanky out because he is so offended and upset  - the opportunities for him to create a statesman-like presence and grasp the high ground for all people of this country are lost. But you have to be a stateman to take on that mantle and goff isn't. Not even close. He is an opportunist.
"The idea is some iwi who received forests in their treaty settlements would be given the right to plant trees on parts of the conservation estate and collect the carbon credits.
But Ms Turei says the there could be some merit in the proposal.
“It's not about being race based. It‘s about the value of those settlements and Labour can take some responsibility for issues around the valuation of settlements and themselves when they were in government. It’s a silly comment from Phil Goff and playing to the worst kind of politics,” Ms Turei says."
I agree - the WORST kind of politics and goff has been around since he used to ride his trike into the chamber, so he knows exactly what he is doing. No vision and no future goff.
"She says the forestry deal should have been part of the scheme anyway, and the Maori Party is selling its support cheaply and ignoring the long term interests of ordinary Maori."
Exactly! well said met - this is good leadership and a good model for goff - much better than the brash model he is using now.

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