Wednesday, November 11, 2009

indigenous people and environmentalists working together

It can be done. Indigenous people and environmentalists can work together and they are, here.

"A coalition of environmental and American Indian groups sued two federal agencies Monday to stop the mass slaughter of bison that migrate outside Yellowstone National Park in search of food.
During the last decade, federal agencies working with the state of Montana have captured and shipped to slaughter more than 3,300 bison to prevent the spread of an animal disease to cattle.
The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court, asks for the National Park Service and Forest Service to be barred from participating in the slaughter program.
The plaintiffs contend the two federal agencies are ignoring their responsibility to preserve the animals. It also says claims the threat of the disease, brucellosis, has been overstated."

Protect the cattle by killing the bison, but you really mean is, we can make money from the cattle but not from the bison.
"Yellowstone's 3,000 bison comprise one of the largest concentrations of the animals in the world. Bison once roamed North America by the millions before being largely wiped out in the late 1800s.
In early 2008, when the bison population had topped 4,000 animals, more than 1,400 bison were captured and shipped to slaughter."
Irony time
"Brucellosis first came into the Yellowstone region through the cattle of early by European settlers."
 And this is where the problem comes in
"During severe winters and when bison numbers are high, thousands of the animals try to migrate to lower elevations outside Yellowstone in search of grass for grazing. But under a 2000 agreement between Montana and the federal government, the animals can be killed to prevent any contact with cattle."
"They've since allowed some bison to linger outside the park in areas where cattle no longer graze. And last year, with financial backing from several conservation groups, the agencies leased a corridor through a private ranch adjacent to Yellowstone, allowing a small number of bison to access Forest Service land outside the park."
Stop the killing - you have already driven this beast to extinction and back. The bison are an ecosystem not just a big cow. Let the indigenous people work with the environmentalists to create a solution.

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