Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Listen to iwi - really listen.

This story is a bit of a worry.

"Iwi representatives on the troubled Maungatautari Ecological Island Trust have quit in protest over a shakeup of the project's management.

Three iwi representatives have resigned following the layoffs of four salaried administrative staff, including chief executive Jim Mylchreest.
They are also concerned about the trust's direction, particularly a proposed tourism development, and plans to charge visitors."

What is the problem?
"A spokesperson for Ngati Koroki Kahukura, Tao tao Tauroa, said the representatives had no choice in offering their resignations because they had been put in a "vulnerable situation".
Mr Tauroa said other iwi had trusted them to look after some of the most precious native wildlife New Zealand had to offer and they had to show that they were up to the task.
"We were particularly concerned at the newly proposed strategic direction and the lack of time given to consider the proposal, which includes a tourism development and the introduction of a charging regime. Manu whenua feel these require wider debate and consideration.
Up until October the administration staff had been responsible for filing reports that met their requirements under a memorandum of understanding with other iwi.
"Maungatautari is a phenomenal conservation restoration project which has captured the imagination and support of the community. Manu whenua believe it is essential for the community to have the required say in the project's future. He said that before the meeting representatives were concerned they hadn't been given enough time to talk with constituents about the decision to axe the four administrative staff."
This is what consultation is all about. It is about discussing and mulling and considering and contemplating. Trying to ram things through too fast is as bad as doing nothing.

Listen to tangata whenua - they are on your side.


"Mr Tauroa was pleasantly surprised by the subsequent commitment to consult with Maori."
It (the resignations) has worked because there are no two ways about it – they have to talk to us about it. They don't have a trust without iwi," said Mr Tauroa."
Listen to tangata whenua - really listen.

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