Tuesday, November 10, 2009

phil whatshisname upset by hone

Hone has responded to goff - oh dear
"Near the end of his interview with Maori broadcaster Willie Jackson on Radio Waatea this morning, Harawira said Goff should be "lined up against the wall and shot".
Harawira: "I'm about to hammer Labour again, over Phil Goff saying I should be suspended, you know, from politics – the cheek of the bastard..."
Jackson: "Careful."
Harawira: "Him and his mates, no seriously, him and his mates are responsible for the passing of a piece of legislation described as the single largest land nationalization statute in the history of Aotearoa. Now if I should be suspended for swearing, him and his mates should be lined up against the wall and shot," Harawira said.

Harawira was referring to the passage of the Foreshore and Seabed Act, which National and the Maori Party are in the process of repealing.

Goff's office said the Labour leader would be holding a press conference early this afternoon to respond to Harawira's latest outburst."
Well you can't say that hone isn't consistant. i agree that phil whatshisname should stick to his knitting - he has no credibility.

This was my response to phil whatshisname earlier this week

"One standard for all phil? - then how come maori are in the bottom of so many statistics - how come you legislated against maori via the foreshore and seabed act. What happened to closing the gaps?
many maori aren't appalled by what he said - it's not news to anyone with a brain. But generally it is not starkly stated in the way that hone stated it - but don't think it isn't true goff.
perhaps phil you should concentrate on trying to get on Q & A instead of helen.
but at least you didn't get jones to deliver your lines."

Not much different to hone really.

Well things have hotted up. phil is saying hone should go but i think that once again he has missed the boat. this from Pascal's bookie comment at the standard says it all.

"Should’ve used it as an opportunity to say Hone was right. Labour panicked and fucked up, he personally is sorry, the FSA was shit and that labour looks forward to a multi partisan resolution of the issue now that all the scaremongering about beaches and iwi/kiwi has been dustbinned." and

"I just don’t think Phil’s passive aggressive approach helps either.  If he’d said Hone was right and included in the sound bite in what way he meant he was right, he’d have been talking about an issue rather than the horse race, taking his lumps for labour’s failings, pointing to a new direction, starting to mend bridges with the mP, (who are under some stress at the mo), and putting pressure on the Nats to get this issue sorted in a progressive way. Which wouldn’t have been bad for an afternoons work. IMV"

I agree - imagine the kudos phil might have got from saying that - instead he just becomes another nobody.


Cactus Kate said...

So if a member of the National Front said all Maori Party MP's should be stuck up against the wall and shot for promoting an idea they are opposed to, your response would be?

Yep. Hate speech is hate speech. Practice it and you shall receive back.

Hone is just as racist as every other New Zealander and jokes to his mates in emails about "white mofos". Get used to it.

Being "part Pakeha" doesn't save him. That "part" doesn't see the light of day often does it?

Marty Mars said...

I tend to see the series of statements as colloquialisms and with goff he said IF, da da dah THEN, da da dah, which seems like a comparrison to me, especially after he sets it up with the description of the foreshore and seabed act. Still, i don't think he should have said it.

Cactus Kate said...

We all know what he meant Marty!

And who on earth let him on Willie's show to make the apology? That was tttterrible political management!

Even Willie, who by standards is a loose unit told him to be careful.

Yet still the idiot couldn't help himself.

Good theatre. But not so good for Maori genuinely wanting to be taken seriously as a group.

Marty Mars said...

i think the main problem for most isn't the language but the sentiment. And many maori agree with the sentiment and that is the issue.

The people who don't like the sentiment never have and never will.

Cactus Kate said...

Well the language was the offensive part for Buddy wasn't it? I would imagine the sentiment was actually shared by Buddy.

Now is the perfect time really for the sentiments to be shared and aired. I don't think "many" Maori agree with the sentiment, I think pretty much ALL Maori agree with the sentiment.

So it is time for the Maori Party to get off their pig-sty and let it ALL out in the public so the majority in NZ can see what they are really about.


They could at least be honest about it.

Marty Mars said...

who knows about them but for me it is not seperatism - how could it be? we have many whakapapas. But it is about self determination and empowerment and tino rangatiratanga and mana and the ability of maori to take control over their people and their destiny - is that seperatism to you?