Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Trailer - The Good Soldier

There is too much killing going on in this world - too much.

As Louie Proyect says,
"This trailer - The Good Soldier is a documentary about the conversion of five soldiers to the cause of peace. The veterans come from different generations and conflicts. With the exception of the Korean War, every slaughter starting with WWII is represented."
"As the directors state in the press notes:
"The simple revelations of their soldiers’ hearts, the wetness of their eyes, the emotion of the music that says what they cannot, the pauses and quietness, even the absence of narration pull at the psyche and whisper, “Does it really have to be this way?”
It does not really have to be this way, as long as we fight to prevent it."
Do you know who knows about war? The ones killing and the ones getting killed.

Hat tip - Louie Proyect The unrepentant marxist blog

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Country Lane said...

God, even the trailer is painfully moving.