Thursday, August 13, 2009

Two Ecan councillors we could do without

harrow and murray

Whilst not really wanting to give this too much air-time it is worthwhile just noteing it.

"Pat Harrow Ecan councillor said the specific mention of tangata whenua values in ECan's regional policy statement, as is required by law, was "discrimination".

"This is a form of apartheid.

"I speak for a lot of people out there in the community when I say the Treaty of Waitangi should be consigned to the history books out of law.

"I hope this will happen one day and we'll all be equal under the law."

You speak for a lot of people harrow? Then how come...

"Harrow sought to include separate recognition of "non-Maori values" in the planning document, but the motion was lost by 10 votes to two. The only other councillor supporting it was Bronwen Murray."

Treaty of Waitangi expert Robert Consedine described Harrow's comments as an "angry rant" made more from ignorance than a thoughtful critique.

Te Tai Tonga MP Rahui Katene said she was not taking Harrow's comment seriously.

Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu chief executive Anake Goodall said Harrow's comments were "unfortunate", but not representative of today's views.

"They're from another time and place," he said. "They don't deserve too much time and attention."

Rik Tindall, another Ecan councillor, asked if Harrow could define Maori. It meant normal, so Harrow wanted to recognise "non-normal values".

"It's not clear what that means."

Murray said she objected to Tindall's "insulting" remarks."

Don't worry about your insulting remarks murray, you hypocrite.

Oh dear, Christchurch can be such a racist, ignorant place, populated by yesterdays thinkers like harrow and murray.

Luckily others, such as those mentioned above, treat these views with the contempt they deserve.

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