Monday, August 17, 2009

trev - no point sending them to jail

mallard has a view, and don't forget that this is the guy who says he is indigenous because his grandparents or whatever arrived here. I'm not saying you don't love this country mallard - but you are not indigenous.

"A senior Labour MP says five Maori who avoided imprisonment for the exorcism killing of a relative would have gone to jail if they were Pakeha.

Trevor Mallard posted his comments on the Labour Parliamentary Caucus's blog, Red Alert.

Mallard said that in sentencing the five to community sentences, Justice France had "sent a signal that's the wrong one" about what was effectively "torture"."

A couple of points mallard - you have been a minister and your answer is to put more people in jail. We are already second only to the US for imprisionment. It doesn't work.

This verdict shows how far maori have fallen because of the disengagement with their culture because of colonisation. I cannot say if this attempt was tikanga but I am sure there were many ways of trying to get the atua on side. Pakeha laugh at the so called superstition involved yet there are more things unknown than known.

We need seperate yet interconnected, justice systems where the cultural aspects of a case can be consider. This and the takamore case show that the system is not working. No use putting this group in jail they need to be in their community where the error of their ways can be shown.

The more I think about it, community is the answer to just about every problem that we face.

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