Sunday, August 30, 2009

maori sucked in by fake guru

I'm with Hone on this... and I feel a bit of a fool for getting sucked in too...

"Maori Party MP Hone Harawira whose 75-year-old uncle Tass Davis, a Ngapuhi elder, fronted the recent protests said Wenzel was a "crook" who was exploiting vulnerable Maori, and had no standing as a Maori spokesman.

"This Womble character undermines the legitimacy of the tino rangatiratanga cause by duping Maori who are in the main uneducated, poor and gullible, into believing he is some kind of saviour. He ain't."

So who is he talking about?

Bankrupt "life coach" Shane Wenzel, who uses the name Tane Rakau, was arrested on Tuesday for breaching the peace, by police overseeing the demolition of an illegally built soundstage at his South Auckland compound.

Wenzel is the leader of a group of protesters who disrupted the high court trial of former MP Taito Phillip Field last month and threatened to target the homes of Prime Minister John Key and senior judges to draw attention to injustices against Maori.

The group claims to be a sovereign hapu, exempt from New Zealand laws, and Wenzel, a white Australian, claims tangata whenua status by virtue of having been "adopted" into the hapu. "

I didn't realise that this idiot was behind this group. All mana has gone from this now and as Hone says, "... he had warned his uncle at a recent hui to "watch out" for Wenzel. "I told him I was disappointed that he had let this clown adopt a Maori name, assume a kaumatua status that he had no right to, and lead Tass and co around by the nose like a farmer leads pigs to the slaughter."

Tass Davis's association with Wenzel appeared to have taken its toll. "Tass is usually a strong and forthright character, but when I spoke to him last week he seemed tentative, weak, and very unsure of himself," said Harawira.

It tough enough getting the rights of maori recognised but to have good maori being duped by this 'womble', as Hone calls him is just off.

Go back to aussie wenzel and stay there. Maori don't need pakeha gurus.

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