Wednesday, August 12, 2009

sealords and maori - who is losing?

The SFWU National Secretary, John Ryall has started a blog and one of his first posts is to say that Mark Solomon's proposal that PPP's be done with maori because we will be here forever is flawed because of the actions of Sealords. he has some very strong words to say about the way workers have been treated at sealords and i agree with him.

i also think it is an absolute shocker for maori to be making maori redundant so that they can increase their profit. i have heard the CEO of TRONT say that they have no influence with sealords and it's just business - i don't agree with that view, not even slightly.

If you look after the people you will get your damn money.

If you look after the money you will lose all the people.

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