Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Save the Hurunui River

Hurunui River

Save the Hurunui River


"The Hurunui provides outstanding habitat for native fish and birds, especially nationally endangered black-fronted tern and black-billed gull and the dotterel (in decline). It is one of the most popular rivers in New Zealand for fishing, white-water rafting and kayaking.
The Hurunui is Canterbury’s sixth largest river by volume. Lake Sumner and seven smaller lakes formed by retreating glaciers are considered icons of the South Island high country.

As well as being one of Canterbury’s most loved rivers, it is also home to some of our most endangered species.

It is an example of one of the most diverse river catchments in Canterbury, ranging from bush-fringed lakes, steep, rocky headwaters and gorges to braided shingle riverbeds, and supports an equally diverse range of habitats and native biodiversity.

Fifty-eight bird species have been identified in the catchment, including 17 threatened species. Significant river birds include three nationally endangered species: the black-fronted tern (between 5-12% of the entire population), black-billed gull (in serious decline) and banded dotterel (in gradual decline). The catchment is also home to birds uncommon in most of Canterbury, especially grey teal and NZ shoveler.

Twenty-five native fish species have been identified in the catchment, including six threatened fish species. It is also an important recreational fishery for brown trout and salmon, with an estimated 20,000 angler days per season.

The surrounding beech forest supports a healthy population of endangered mohua (yellowhead) and critically endangered orange-fronted parakeet (kakariki). "

So Ngai Tahu what are we going to do? We have NT Property trying to dam and destroy the river. No doubt local kaumatua and Papatipu Runaka will be trying to save the river and it's mauri.

This is what the damn dammers say

"Who is behind the Hurunui Water Project?

The Board of HWP

The Board of the Hurunui Water Project is small but diverse. Our common ingredient is an interest in the future well-being of the Hurunui District. We include representatives from the Hurunui Irrigation and Power Trust (HIPT), Ngai Tahu Property, Mainpower and Eskhead Station.

• HIPT represents the interests of more than 200 Hurunui farmers who formed a trust in 2002 to look at the opportunities for using water in the district.

• Ngai Tahu Property has interests in the sustainable management of the soil and water resources of the Hurunui District together with satisfying the wider interests of Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu, Ngai Tuahuriri and Kaikoura runanga. "

What is the TRONT position? Who speaks for Ngai Tahu? Are NT Property considering the wider interests with this project?

And if Ngai Tahu are too concerned about the profit and money they will make via NT Property - then what does that say about us, about our kaitiakitanga role and if we won't save this river - who the hell will!

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