Monday, August 10, 2009

virtual history good - if it is the truth

I'm not sure about this. If Maori are involved - good, and if not, then, not good.

"Massey University associate professor Erik Champion is leading a charge to "virtualise" New Zealand's heritage content and sites, and says the move could boost the tourism industry here.
Digital media developers could create virtual worlds or games that allow people to explore and interact with ancient cultures and distant places that were previously inaccessible or dangerous."

Who controls this? If not Maori, then it is not right.
And I find the rationale "to boost tourism here" to be a bit funny, how about trying to create tools to teach people the true history of this country, as an example. (But i conceed i might be being a bit precious here)

"Virtual technology could also recreate fragile heritage sites that may one day be off limits, such as the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru and Stonehenge in England."

Imagine these sites off limits to the people. Who makes these indigenous sites off-limits? And who will be able to go? The scientists, the gatekeepers - I wonder if many of the indigenous people will get a say.

"Tourism New Zealand chief executive George Hickton says anything that helps to promote New Zealand's history and culture would be welcomed, but "nothing will ever replace a trip to New Zealand to enjoy the country first hand".

"This concept could also provide a useful tool for New Zealand tourism operators to show the history and development of tourism products."

Well let's hope they use the real history of this country not the sanitised, one people rubbish that is often bandied about.

And having these virtual worlds, if they are created via an indigenous viewpoint will be excellent tools to teach the people of this country the history.

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