Thursday, August 27, 2009

national parks could be mined, drilled and left to die

These lines in this report are scary.

"It appears the proposals to change schedule four under the Crown Minerals Act is likely to be most contentious.

At present, it protects land such as national parks and conservation reserves from mining interests, but Mr Brownlee wants to see this changed if there is economic benefit to be had."

So brownlie is going to open up national parks and the conservation estate to the mining industry - IF there is economic benefit to be had.

How stupid to dig up, cut down and pollute our home - that is insane.
And DoC are cutting back on new marine reserves and it looks like the high country farmers will be able to sell all our iconic high country to someone with money.

I also notice that they have begun exploratory test digging in Tasman Bay - you know Nelson the iconic golden sand beaches, nature, unspoilt... what will happen if they think they can make money? All of the unspoilt aspects will be gone. Nothing for the children or our mokopuna - but at least some mining company and its owners would die a little bit richer.

Prioritisation, priorities, priority.

If we let them they will sell and destroy everything for money.

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