Tuesday, August 11, 2009

mapua mound too toxic and costly to move


Oh dear. The mound of soil is too toxic and costly to move... so we will leave it for the kids to play on.

"A mound of soil left after the clean-up of the former Fruitgrowers Chemical Company site in Mapua is too contaminated and costly to shift, says a Tasman District Council manager.

Mapua residents have been left horrified by the remark and are struggling to understand why the grassed mound is too toxic to be dumped at the Eves Valley landfill, but considered safe enough to be left next to houses."

Mr Bush-King told the meeting that contaminated piles of soil on the eastern side of the site were too contaminated to meet resource consent criteria for dumping at the Eves Valley landfill.

About $13 million had already been spent on the clean-up and it would cost the council too much to move the soil, he said.

Only soil with a contamination rate of up to 50 parts per million can be dumped at the Eves Valley landfill. The soil on the eastern side of the Mapua site, which has been deemed fit by the audit report for commercial and open space use, is contaminated up to 200 parts per million.

This is the site where a waterfront park for the community will be developed."

Is this good enough?

"A Ministry of Health report on health effects the site may have caused residents is due to be released in two weeks."

I'm looking forward to reading that report.

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