Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What is tau up to?

Last night the thunderstorms rolled in. Ahhhh so good for the soul, lightning, deep booms of thunder, pelting rain - it made me think of tau. What is he up to?

Is his outrage genuine? Hard to say, it sortof looks genuine and his face on TV has shown the requisite stern, worried furrowed brow - like a man wrestling with very big issues. But there does seem to be an amount of playing to the camera. And really what is he so outraged about. Was he under the impression that the maori seats would be allocated?

Was his email leaked by the PM's office and why? i don't think tau leaked it. It seems likely that tau's nat mates might not like him that much and i wonder why that might be. Perhaps the rumour that he will hop off the natliner and hitch himself to the maori party is the reason. It would certainly explain the discrediting that is going on, for instance, key over Tau's outburst about hide, "Oh thats just tau, ha ha we know what he's like." Of course tau could be still tight with the nats and they could be using him like labour use mallard - as some sort of psycho attack dog - but it doesn't seem accurate to me.

i'd like all maori MP's to join the maori party, regardless of political affiliations. To join the maori party means to join the kaupapa. The only one I'm not sure about is jones. That guy irritates me and his anti-maori party nastiness is most unpleseant, but hey, shane jump on board.

i think there is a strong likelihood of maori MP's joining the maori party. tau should do it and do it early. let the rulers of us know that things are changing.

A good thing that has come out of this is the number of people pronouncing tau's name correctly. tau - pronounced as toe (like on your foot)

The storm rolled in last night, lightening, thunder - like the end of the world. This morning the sun is out and the storm is a memory.

Don't be a memory tau.

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