Saturday, August 8, 2009

Marshland development rejected, NT Property likely to appeal

This line of this story caught my eye;

"The appeal would probably cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and would decide the future expansion of Christchurch."

which came after this,

"I think we are bound to appeal. We do not agree with the decision, so there is an opportunity to appeal and we will take it," That is Ngai Tahu Property general manager Tony Sewell talking about this;

"A suburb of 6000 people proposed for Marshland has been rejected by the Christchurch City Council, and the developers plan to appeal in an Environment Court test case."

"The scheme is a joint venture between Ngai Tahu Holdings, supermarket giant Foodstuffs and developer CDL Land New Zealand."

Why was it rejected?

"Council planning general manager Michael Theelen said the scheme was outside areas identified by the council for housing development in the southwest and the Belfast corridor to the north.

"It is going in a very different direction to how development is outlined in the city plan," he said."

So the reason that that line caught my eye is that NT Property are probably going to be involved in an appeal which could have major ramifications for the future development and expansion of Christchurch, are they only working for the commercial interests or are they representing their owners views.

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