Monday, August 24, 2009

hell pizza - lazy and racist

Ok. Is it racist? - yes! Is it provocative? yes! Will it sell more pizza's - who knows

Well then lets put it up. Wait, what about the people who may be offended? Who cares about them. Ha ha ha ha ha.

"Alan Jones, 19, a third year advertising student at AUT said he was happy with his product and wasn’t worried he had potentially offended a significant part of the community."

“It’s a recession there’s enough bad stuff happening, you’ve got to kind of poke fun at people in times like this, you know,” he said.

Why not poke fun at yourself alan.

“I don’t really consider it as that bad. Some people might kind of construe it as being a bit racist but I mean, it’s just a topical issue at the moment, I mean, it could’ve been anyone, it just happens to be the' Tongan eating the dog story' at the moment.”

“I definitely wasn’t trying to offend anyone, I was kind of hoping that the majority of people would laugh at it and maybe a couple of other people would take offence.”

Why not make fun of yourself alan

"He said they had given thought to the potential they could offend some people but went with it anyway and he would face up to any consequences. "

“I guess I’ll have to deal with it,” he said.

“At the end of the day I’m just the kid that came up with the idea. I’m not the guy that made the billboard or put them out there or approved it, I mean, this was one of my more wild ideas and it just happened to get approved.”

Yes it says a lot that you have come up with this idea and they ran with it. Why not try and come up with an idea to insult and make fun of your own race alan? Why not?

"He said New Zealand was too PC."

We are not too PC at all. Some of us just can't stand fools who hide their racism behind fake humour.


Anonymous said...

you are a muppet! you are too PC yourself - think about what people 50 years ago had to protect them selves from... not oh no advertising billboard lookout bullshit

lighten up bro

Marty Mars said...

Kia ora anon,

Yes but which muppet - i sortof have always liked cookee monster.

I am too PC especially when it concerns subtle racism that slips into our society. As for the people 50 years ago - for me i see the chain between these excuses for advertising and the non-maori seats in auckland. If we don't highlight all things, then which ones are you going to let go? i can't tell which ones not to notice - so I notice them all.

Edward said...

I think anon is in need of some education because he/she sounds like a buffoon. I was shocked to see this billboard, it isn't clever, or witty, it is just stupid and blatantly racist. Why do I think that? Is it because i'm too "PC" too, or, is it simply because it is racist? This is the same kind of humour-for-retards as the 'domestic violence is funny' Tui beer ad. Good 'ol kiwi values aye?

Marty Mars said...

Yes humour is a fine line and i am a fan of slapstick but i think when you do what hell did, then trying to pass it off as a bit of a laugh is just idiotic. We know, and they know, and everyone knows, they did it to sell some brownies and make more money.

If the line is blurry - err on the side of sensitivity please.

feddabonn said...

i agree you are too PC, marty. should be getting at the billboard with axes...not picketing stores... :D

Marty Mars said...

Good one feddabonn - we'll save the axes up for the bulldozers in the national parks I think, but I would like to picket that shop...

new billboard

brownlie eats national parks

Country Lane said...

I have been asking people what they mean when they say "PC". None have yet responded in any coherent way. Mostly it's "You know - when they don't laugh at a joke becaue - well ou know it's sexists" Or "It's ll this bureacracy stopping us". In other words they have no idea. The term jut means "people who don't think like me".
So if not laughing at jokes that stereotype [people by race is PC; if thinking that violence against women is not funny is PC; if believing that words like nigger, brownie, wop and kike are unacceptable is PC; if thinking that it's a good idea to try and talk to my kids instead of giving them a clip is PC; if I believe that looking at the evidence on an issue is more effective than simply making a decision because I have an "opinion" is PC...then I'm PC. And Proud.