Monday, August 10, 2009

Aoraki Bound - go for it!

Aoraki Bound. Ngai Tahu are leading the way with this initiative and now with the percentage of maori unemployed at 13% and likely to go anywhere up to 30 - 40% perhaps Aoraki Bound will be one of the answers to the question, "How can we help our people?"

"Aoraki Bound is a cultural and personal development programme combining Ngāi Tahu cultural knowledge and expertise with the experience and reputation of Outward Bound in a 20-day journey-based course that builds leadership, cultural awareness and personal development."

Wouldn't it be great if every Ngai Tahu member could go on this experience.

Mark Solomon says, "A strength of the course is that it is not just for Ngāi Tahu, but for all New Zealanders. If we want to be seen as an active member of the community, then we need to involve the community. Enhancing cultural tolerance and understanding doesn't come from being exclusive, we have to be inclusive and the learning and sharing of knowledge works both ways. You can't be proud of something unless you know what it is all about."

And yes it is for all NZers but let's look after Ngai Tahu first.

Why not do a ballot where each year 3 or 5 people from each Papatipu Runaka are selected to go, at minimal cost. Some may choose not to go and they can give their place to someone else.

Go to the Ngai Tahu website to read about Aoraki Bound. Tell your whanau, talk to Kari and set your sights on completing this journey.

Once again thank you to Iaean, Craig, Eruera, Brett, Kari and all of the wonderful Ngai Tahu who have made this happen.

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