Thursday, August 6, 2009

foraging for free food - back to the past for the future

A good example of looking to the past for the way into the future.

"Free food is plentiful throughout Christchurch and a foraging group wants to help people find it.

The Otautahi Urban Foraging group provides a "treasure map", highlighting where food grows naturally.

With a Google maps page and a Facebook page, the new group is pointing people towards community food sources like fruit trees and herbs.

Scattered throughout Christchurch, food sources include pear, apple, walnut and plum trees, along with mushrooms and celery.

Co-founder Kerry Nisbet said the Otautahi group planned to share resources and build a sense of community."

Good idea and all the best for the success of this. Building community, foraging for free food, working together... this is for the future of this country.


kerry said...

Thanks for your kind words of support, I've been pretty blown away by the amount of support and media coverage this has got over the last few weeks

- Kerry

feddabonn said...

there's a friend of mine who does a bit of foraging around hamilton. would be good to build a map here too!

Marty Mars said...

Yes indeed. And I'll post later this week on the next stage - guerrila planting... think about how many areas have flowers, how many areas have grass or weeds or just dirt. Look around your area - and now imagine plantings of vegetables, herbs, crops. Small areas that can be maintained and harvested easily. No permission, no resource consent, no asking some so-called owner. Forward to the future by utilizing the past. It's not only symetrical and satisfying... it's also smart.

feddabonn said...

i love the idea of guerilla gardening. i'm just so bad with plants i've never been able to do any, lol.

Marty Mars said...

Me too feddabonn, we need to carry plants with us and every now and then - just plant something. An online map, a schedule of harvesting - all do-able and the best thing is that it happens under the noses of normal society - they will never even see it. Good spelling of guerilla too - I knew there were double letters in there somewhere :)

Anonymous said...

Hi feddabonn,

You can tell your freind that creating a google map is really easy to set up. I'd be really keer to hear of any other maps or resources so we can add them to our site:


feddabonn said...

thanks kerry. we're working on it, will pass it on as soon as its ready! have done a map of hamilton op shops if you're interested...